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About us

We at the CyberCrimeComplaints.com provide a platform for Cyber Crime victims to lodge / post your Cyber Crime related Complaints. The Complaint filing can be either a Public Complaint, wherein you need to register a Complaint and it appears publicly over our website. Otherwise, you can also lodge the complaint privately, where you are just looking to avail our services in confidence.
How to submit a Public Complaint ?
1. Click on “File Public Complaint”
2. Register/Login to your Account.
3. Fill all the complaint details, including “Complaint title”, “Complaint type” and any attachment that you have. Your personal information will not be shared on site.
4. Hit the Submit button and your complaint become visible to everyone.
So, its time to stop cyber crime. Register here now !
How to submit a Private Complaint ? 
1. Click on “File Private Complaint” with your complaint details
2. Fill up the form fields
3. Hit the Submit button and your complaint will never be viible to anyone.
Our Services include:
1) Complaint Services
A. Basic Services: 
As a basic service, we  will be provided some basic help in a email reply to you. It will guide as to immediate appropriate steps, which can include appraoching the nearest Police Station or an Advocate for help. Lastly, we can even help you lodging your complaint with appropriate department of a Social media company for removal of offending posts or fictitious profile.
B. Premium/Paid Services
Premium services would include providing legal help from a Lawyer, which can be helping approach a nearest Cyber Crime Cell or a Police Station or service of Legal Notice through a Advocate/ Lawyer and a case with appropriate court or authority, as maybe applicable.
These maybe mostly required in either in some serious matters, where immediate action is required or where, you have already exhausted options under basic services, but the issue remains unresolved.
The Premium Services are subject to payment of professional fees in advance, which will be communicated to you, after looking into the facts and determination of required action.
2) Other Services: 
A. Right To Information
We can help you filing an RTI application with various authorities to have proper and timely information to your questions. This will be a chargeable service, provided with the help of legal professionals.
B. TradeMark
We also provide services as to protection of Intellectual property Rights, that includes registration of Trademark and Copyright, to save upon your brand from any kind of online mis-use and it can also be helpful to serve as an evidence in case of online crime.
C. Domain Names
We can help you protect your rights as to Domain Names, by providing Domain management services and also help you choose a new Domain Name, which may not be violative of any third party rights, so as not to become a subject matter of a Domain Name Dispute under INDRP or UDRP. We also provide domain name consultancy, if you wish to acquire a premium domain from an existing domain holder.
D. Counselling
We also have a psychologist available to counsel Cyber Crime victims and also arrange more medical help in case of any similar requirements.