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Fraudulent calls asking for Debit card Details


Hello Sir

I have been receiving these calls from a no 7065187309 saying that my visa debit card will get expired. Then they start asking for details and on declining to give details the person starts abusing people. Please take them to task. 

Asking for Atm Card details


I got the call from the number +917631176191 today i.e. 2 march 2017 around 11 am asking for ATM card details, he told that my ATM card is stop working, he is from bandra kurla office, and from state bank.

Atm card


I got a call from +917361898581 a few minutes ago asking for my ATM card details. He said that my ATM card has been blocked and I need to provide him details of my card 

fraud calls in the name of homeshop18


Today I received two messages which has as follows:
Dear sir you won 1st prize from HOMESHOP18 COMPANY TV show(home shopping)
, you won 1st prize(Tata Safari) & Market value Rs=12.80 lakh. pay only
registration fee of Rs=8400. for details contact us toll
there after I got a call from 9102631433.

Again They call me from7294985859..

They asked to send me the details of your account number as well as other details.


Call asking for ATM card details


I got a call from +917281829884 a few minutes ago asking for my ATM card details. He said that my ATM card has been blocked and I need to provide him details of my card to reopen it.

Received call from given No. who was asking for my Unknown Debit Card details


At 2:18 PM, 01/03/2017 I received a call from No. +919631444109. Guys on the other side tols me that My Debit Card has been blocked, upon which I asked him which of my Debit Card. He told me that My SBI Debit Card has been blocked but I don't hold any SBI Account. As soon as I heard this I asked me are you sure, because I dont hold any SBI Account, then he told me that 1900 Banks are working in a Group & he was stating that SBI, SBBJ, SBM, SBH, ICICI, etc are all a single organization, upon which I asked him when did ICICI go into the SBI Group.

Fraud call asking for debit card details


i got a call from a person this morning from +919199701432 stating that your debit card has been blocked for some reason would you like to unblock it? i asked him how can i do that? he asked me for my card details i asked him which bank card are you talking about? he said how many you have? i said i have many he then answered i am asking about SBI bank card i said i dont have any account in that bank and he immediately hang up the call i tried to call him back but couldnt get through. i have got same call few months back and he was also asking for my debit card details.

Mobile fraud for SBI Credit card



On 25th Feb 2017, one lady called me from +91-8467826882 number and said she is from SBI credit card department. Before this call, also she were trying to call me 2-3 times. Anyways, when i picked the call she said, this call is for updating my SBI Credit card KYC update. and asked me to check my card expiry date.

Received a fraud Call


I received a fraud call from the mobile number 8877820357. asked my ATM card details. His name on truecaller showed up as " ATM SB. when i told him that i will inform the police he started abusing me, please take an action against him.

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