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Respected sir, 

actually i received call by a hacker and he talked to me as a comlaint resolver from consumer complaint so he asked me about to OTP which is received on mobile for the forward to my complaint happend and i was tell them the OTP so he had hacked my email and my facebook also link with my mail so he also hacked to my facebook account.

and also he removed my recovery email address and also my contact number from my mail address so i can not recover my email address

Gmail account stolen

Tags: is my account but it was stolen by someone who make a program that hacks account registered to it. He changes all the settings including the recovery options so I can't get access to it anymore. But I remember the last password and recovery options of that account. Can there be a possibility that I can take it back?

Using my facebook account that is linked to that gmail account I located the device that was used to hack and its Mac address. Is there a possible solution for this?

Gmail account stolen


Hello sir

l complaint in complaint board via my email and today i recieve a call from a no7291026246. He tell me he is from complaint board and ask my gmail id after this he ask for verification code when i tell him this code he cut the call after two minutes and when i open my gmail it show your password is changed and i am not access to my account. After this i will try his phone number but he did not recieve my call 

so please help me to get access my account 

thank you

Gmail account hacked and being misused -


My gmail account - has been hacked since March 2017 and all my efforts to get it back have gone in vain. 

This has most likely been hacked by one of my family member as the last 2 digits of phone number that has now been updated matches with her.

I have also got to know of same being misused, request you to take action against same. I can give you all relevant details needed to action on it.



Prashant Kumar Singh


Email hacked


Respected sir/mam, 

 Last year someone hacked my email ID He also changed the recovery phone number, so now I'm not able to reset the password. Plz help me.


Email id hacker found


Unocoin bitcoin money fraud


Hello sir/madam


receiving multiple bouncebacks for e-mails I did not send?


I am receiving multiple bouncebacks for e-mails I did not send and those emails are also showing up in my gmail sent folder.

So I cahnged my gmail password but i am still gettinh those emails.

Email Hacked []


This is to inform you that I am Roshan Kumar Sonkar living in Kolkata & Pune, Maharashtra & West Bengal,  a few days ago  my company email id [] email id 's have been hacked by someone and they were using my company email id and it contain my personal id's and other important documents and, bank details and etc  ..  email id which is hacked []  and been miss used by someone else . Recently I found that someone parallelly using it.

Mail crime sending password fetching softwares


Hi ,


The below mail id sent an email for fecting my passowrd . I tried removing the software but please catch them and ensure no harm is done .




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