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Hello Sir/Madam,

Recently I commented on an article posted by Scoopwhoop which was about a old woman's murder. I commented on it out of frustration and anger which was nothing wrong or abusive. There were comments which supported me or were against me. The girls who were commented there are my cousin sisters and one among them is my friend. They commented there to support me. There is also a guy who supported me named Mohit Maheshwari is also my friend. 

I was not too offended by the comments by other boys which were against me but there was one particular comment which was made by a person called Arhaan Islam Siddiqui, he commented saying, "Madarchod ki ladki desh chhod de na agar itni hi nafrat hai tujhe India se.Tera rape jis din hoga teri muh me mootunga main randi."

I did not say anything bad to him nor did I say anything so rude about India to hear from a boy. His comment is very abusive and it clearly shows that he would enjoy me getting rape. If a person can comment such a thing who did not do anything so wrong or offend him directly, is very much capable of committing a rape himself.

Please I would like you take some action against him. It's about a girl's respect and image.

I have attached the screenshots of the conversation and also pasting the link of the article here. I have highlighted the comment which I am complaining about.


Thank you.

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