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Wireless security tips

Uncategorized January 18, 2017

Wi-Fi! Such an easy Internet device and even easier to hack if unaware.

The moment we install a Wi-Fi device in our home, we are excited to go to the internet and we leave back the loopholes open and completely vulnerable, don’t we? Next thing, we complain about loosing our data. No more!

Keep yourself aware of Wireless Security issues and keep patience!



How many of us do it? Many! The wireless devices come pre-set with default passwords and are same for all. How hard do you think it type ‘<Wi-Fi Device Name> Default Password’ in google and retrieve passwords list.

This is a peace of a cake for hacker, so change your setting immediately.



What these, huh? Wi-Fi devices use encryption to transfer messages over wireless networks, encrypted to safeguard. However, simple encryption can be easily cracked. As avoid using any other encryption except for WPA2, which introduces AES encryption over WPA for better security.

Today, most of the Wi-Fi devices come equipped with WPA2 encryption. Use it and keeps the hackers busy!



Keep strong password else it is only a matter of time and attacker’s device speed to crack Wi-Fi password. Simple password is simple to crack. Hacker’s call it dictionary attack or brute force. However, having a long and complex password makes it difficult for an attacker to crack into your Wi-Fi. Thus, keep a good mixture of long and strong password of letters, number and special symbols. Keep it tight!



You can call it manufacturing defect that all devices come with a same SSID. You must have noticed Wi-Fi devices with names like ‘Linksys’, right? However, it’s not vulnerable, but that’s definitely a sign of poor configuration.



Did you know you every internet device comes with a MAC Address or Physical Address? You did! You must also know that you can configure all allowed MAC Addresses. This does not guarantee safety as hackers can fake MAC Address, but it is one way to keep hackers busy.



You often find a friend visiting you, and you share your password, don’t you? How about you set up a separate network with second SSID for guests. Such that, you can configure a password for that account without affecting the primary network, and may also disable when not required.



Dynamic IP Address makes it easier for attackers to hacking into DHCP pool. Turn off DHCP on Router and set up a fixed set of IP Range and link each IP with specific devices. Better off, use private IP’s.



Disable accessing your Wi-Fi device wirelessly. Thereby, making it obvious for hackers to configure Wi-Fi only though wired network, i.e., one can only configure connecting laptop and Wi-Fi device with wired LAN. Completely worth it!


This does not keep you far from attackers. No! But, these added protection keeps you away from pesters. If you cope up with all above, then you will definitely give a good fight to a hacker. Let them know that they have a good competition!

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