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Lost my money by calling Reserve bank of officer for Aadhar link. ..if not...


One person call me on his no 9570332621.

He told my atm card no...and speak about otp.

My no is 9099109360.

In my sbi account rs withdraw by online.

Do needful for in this matter.

If u wAnt recording of call, it is done by my side.

Pls reply fast.






Fraud transaction on SBI credit card

Dear Sir,

I got froad transaction on SBI credit card. I didnt share any detail still it happen. Suddenly i got msg about fraud trasaction i called sbi and raise complaint about it but during raising complait i got again one trasaction. These all happen without any OTP or CVV number. 


Fruad call from bank, asking all details of creditcard


17th August 2017, I got a call from 8795778957, 

saying i have unused reward points and can be converted to settle creditcard bill.

I have patiently listened, and asked for all he need from me,

1. he asked for my birthdate

2. asked for card expiry date

3. asked for card type (master / visa)

4. asked for card number

5. asked for CVV behind card

I told him all wrong data, and finally when they asked for CVV, i told them you guys are fraud.

Then a person started abusing language.


unauthorisedly asked credit card details

I have got call from Mobile No - 8795469267 time 05.05 pm dated 17.08.2017, where person was asking my credit card details by saying to cash back for points earned on credit card. After asking by me to avail these details from your system as you already have with you. He suddenly start aggressive talk and disconnected this call. Please identify this number and investigate, it seems fraud and trying gather card details illegally.





Insurance policy

Dear Sir,


I am receiving calls from the following mobile numbers, stating that your getting benfito of Rs. 2,71,242/- againest your LIC Policy. Your application Nuber will be LIC8767000/D.P , Transaction ID: AXB00497205D and the Token Number is 52. To transfer the amounts you have to pay 20% charges i.e. Rs. 54248/-.


Also they insisted to open an other POLICY with HDFC bank for Rs.30,000/ year. Kindly investgate and help me.


Contact details of the collers:

Mr. Abhishake Agarwal : 07838714315


Received Fraud call from Number 7349977686 and he took Debit card account n...


My father received  Fraud call from Number 7349977686, represting him as SBI bank employee and and he took Debit card account number and pin details for updating data and on the same day he transfer the amount to payzap, PTM wallets, He transfred around 50000 Rs to his various wallets.

I have complained to SBI bank and asked them to block the card.


Could you please help us in getting the amount by tracking there Wallets. we have back statements also to which wallets it was transfered.






Instagram seller fraud

This page on instagram called "swagpaaji" took 1150 by account transfer for orders... Its been one month they didn't deliver me anything. I tried to contact them they didn't respond and after that they just blocked me. Now I have no way of asking for refund or my order. 


Fraudlant offering unclaimed funds through lottery

i am getting frequent email from claimzoneis9@outlook.com that i had won some kind of lottary inheritance amount of 4 crore 75 lakhs INR.They are asking for my banking account detail to transfer the fund.Please look into it.As many inocent person igive there account detail and lost there hard earned money.


gemmaindia.com jewellery watches and perfumes

All of their designs are copied from various Chinese websites and the other 3d model sites.


We had ordered a couples ring and look what they have displayed and sent!


On top of that, they are bluntly refusing to provide a refund on the order, AFTER ACCEPTING RETURNS AND CONFIRMING THAT THEY WILL BE REFUNDING. Their customer customer service number is handled by one person who answers only when he feels like. And any email sent is replied after a few days.



Unknown caller asking personal questions

Im not aware of this number or caller, he repeatedly fail to identify himself and asks personal where about questions. I attempted calling him and his number is also not reachable and its forwarded to other shut off number, but the whats app is constantly used for chats. 


Need him to stop bothering me. 

Kindest Regards, 

Reshma Thomas 


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